How to Learn Arabic

To learn the Arabic language will open up a whole new world of opportunities: personally, professionally, culturally, socially, and economically. In a global economy where nations and people are ever more dependent on each other to supply goods and services, solve national and political struggles, and ensure international security for everyone, the ability to understand each other has never been more important. Learning another language is the first step!

Below are some important reasons why the Arabic language should be your choice of foreign language to learn:

Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and its 17 specialized organizations, such as FAO, UNESCO, WHO, World Bank Group, CAO, FAO, FAD, WIPO, ITU, UNIDO, IMO, WMO, UNWTO, WTO, UPO, ILO and other specialized agencies and organizations.

Arabic is the fifth most common native language in the world.

Nations who speak Arabic are rapidly growing into powerful global economies. Middle East markets are booming in various fields of business and industries such as the ICT (International Compliance Training), real estate, tourism, banking, oil, gas, and industrialization. To work in these emerging markets it’s essential to learn Arabic!

Arabic is the official language spoken and used by many oil rich countries in the Gulf States: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Learning the Arabic language will enable you to communicate effectively on a business level!

Western Arabic speakers are in very high demand, but in very low supply. Those who speak Arabic have the opportunity to develop an international career in a variety of industries such as education, finance, journalism, foreign services and more.

The USA Government has designated Arabic as a language of strategic importance, so there are financial incentives to learn Arabic.

The Arab population in Western countries is rising.

The Arabic speaking world has a rich culture of art, literature, music, cuisine and their art of living to be explored.

Being able to communicate in Arabic can promote intercultural understanding and assist in solving and avoiding future conflicts, while also helping businesses engage in successful international trade.

The Arabic speaking people have made significant contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, medicine and philosophy, so learning the Arabic language opens up the chance to explore the vast body of untapped knowledge.

Whether you are a student, business person, diplomat or other professional, learning Arabic will offer you a deeper understanding of the people, enhance your career, and make traveling in Arab countries more enjoyable.

Learn the Arabic language and see how you can change your life.

Tarik is a Washington DC Arabic teacher and you can take arabic classes in Washington DC to learn how to speak Arabic.

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